RESPECT…….Could it really make a difference?

It shines through at different times, in different places and for different reasons.

I have a daughter…..I would like to think that I have raised her to believe she can be and do whatever she wishes. That she is strong enough to tackle what the world and life throws at her. She is, even if she is still struggling to work it out for herself. As her parent I am proud of her, for all that she is and has done on her way to becoming the beautiful young lady that I see today. And I have a big bucket of respect for her.

No matter who you are, where you are from or which religion you practice……we are all equal. In 2017 women have the same opportunities as men in the business world. I have for many years listened as the debate carried on regarding women and the ‘glass ceiling’. Oh I’m not trying to tell you it doesn’t exist, it does and I am extremely thankful for the female pioneers that have worked so hard to make it disappear. It’s still there, but for me, as a woman I believe if you are doing what you love and doing it to the best of your abilities then you have already shattered that glass. We put way too much pressure on women to succeed against men…..for the most part men don’t feel the same pressure to succeed against women. Maybe because it was always a mans world…..yes there are still men out there that think that the women should be tied to the kitchen and carrying babies around, I have a special word for them……a*%#>*les!!!!!!


Any decent man would be proud of the achievements their wives or partners make. At the end of the day it’s all about choice. The right to choose how we live our lives. That being said I absolutely see nothing wrong with a woman dedicating her life to stay at home and raise her family, I wish I had had that luxury and believe me, these days it is a luxury the majority just can’t afford financially to do. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s the ability to chose without judgment that is so important.
This isn’t just about women, it is also about equality for men. Men too can choose any field of work they wish and thankfully they can even be stay at home dads in this day and age if the finances allow. How fantastic is that? Children and dads getting to bond in a way that was once only reserved for mums. As a woman I am grateful that men also have the ability to take on positions that once were for women only. As far as equality within the home, that’s completely up to you and if you can’t sort out who is going to do the dishes or hang out the washing wake up to yourselves, there are much bigger issues at play in this world!!!!!!

Equality is so much more than jobs, wages and parenting. It’s all about respect. Respect for the rights, religions, customs, beliefs, gender and yes, gender bias of every human being. No one is better than anyone else regardless of income, location nor upbringing. We get in this world what we are willing to put into it. If we all started bitching a little less and be understanding a little more I’m sure this world could be a better place. I’m not saying by being nice to each other we could stop the horrible, terroristic acts we are seeing committed. They unfortunately are being guided by the hands of fanatics, who have no desire to respect anyone or anything but their own warped views of their religions causes. No, using your manners and being polite will not heal those wounds but they may change the way the generations to come treat each other. I would certainly like to think so.

There is an old saying ‘nothing to fear but fear itself’……I wish with all my heart that this was still true. Whether we choose to admit it or not there is a lot to be fearful of these days. Certainly a lot more to fear for the generations to come. I look at my own two grandsons and wonder what the world will be like when they are raising their own children. I hope the unrest and uncertainty we are living with today has passed but I’m wise enough to know better.

I guess RESPECT won’t win over evil, but it goes a long way to starting to make peace. This world needs a massive dose of love and a great big hug.


I'd love to hear from you, any feedback will be most appreciated.

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