RESPECT…….Could it really make a difference?

RESPECT....... It shines through at different times, in different places and for different reasons. I have a daughter.....I would like to think that I have raised her to believe she can be and do whatever she wishes. That she is strong enough to tackle what the world and life throws at her. She is, even… Continue reading RESPECT…….Could it really make a difference?

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It's all CRAP, yep Bu$%^T....... How do you find the time for all this Social Media, Online Marketing Stuff. Yes STUFF. It's an absolute time stealing, soul wrenching minefield ......but is it really worth it? A merry go round that is the necessary evil in creating an online presence and income. You hear others speak of a 'passive'… Continue reading COME RIDE MY MERRY GO ROUND….A BLOGGERS JOURNEY

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Sugarloaf Dream Update

Hi Dreamers I just wanted to pop in a let you know there are a few changes happening here at Sugarloaf Dream again. The main change is afte a lot of soul searching I have taken the plunge and decided to go self hosted. What? Let me tell you. Up until now I have been… Continue reading Sugarloaf Dream Update



My like, love, loathe list There are so many things over my 51(cough,cough) years that I can add to these lists. Some, of course will be obvious others maybe not so much. I guess it's a great follow up to my previous post, writing a letter to myself. If you haven't seen it, you can… Continue reading MY LIKE, LOVE & LOATHE IT LIST

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Now is your chance to win my give away!!!! As of today all of my original quotations are available for print on SmugMug. I'm a little excited about that...... All you have to do is 1. Click through to my blog, Sugarloaf Dreams  2.Sign up to become a Dreamer with your email address  This is where… Continue reading GIVE AWAY TIME……


What I learned by writing a letter to myself……

I decided to sit down and write a letter to myself, just to see what it might look like. I've got to a place in my life that I've lived a little, seen a little, screwed up a LOT but that's what life is all about. That's the result of living, isn't it? So looking… Continue reading What I learned by writing a letter to myself……

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Why I follow The Mighty

For anyone that has or knows someone that has a mental illness or a chronic illness you should be following The Mighty. Why? Because they are a fantastic resource for so many of those 'silent' illnesses like my know the one that people say 'oh, I've never heard of that' or mental illnesses where… Continue reading Why I follow The Mighty


How to recognise Social Anxiety and strategies to help….

Anxiety..... argh, it sux!!! There's really not another word quite so appropriate really. It comes in all shapes and sizes, affects people of all ages, gender, race and economic status. It can come on seemingly out of nowhere but there is always a trigger, even if you are not consciously aware of it. It can… Continue reading How to recognise Social Anxiety and strategies to help….



Who is your superhero? Superheroes don't just wear capes. They are the Everyday people that do extraordinary things. They go about their business quietly day by day. Most people wouldn't even notice them or certainly wouldn't think of them as superheroes, but they are. There are of course the big 3..... police, doctors and… Continue reading WHO IS YOUR SUPERHERO????


The Top 12 Things Having Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me……

[ Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, May 12th, this is what having Fibromyalgia has taught me....... My top 12 lessons learnt 1. Giving birth is a picnic compared to a fibro pain day. 2. It's also worse than a toothache. 3. The brain fog that it brings has you believing at times that you're losing… Continue reading The Top 12 Things Having Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me……