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It's all CRAP, yep Bu$%^T....... How do you find the time for all this Social Media, Online Marketing Stuff. Yes STUFF. It's an absolute time stealing, soul wrenching minefield ......but is it really worth it? A merry go round that is the necessary evil in creating an online presence and income. You hear others speak of a 'passive'… Continue reading COME RIDE MY MERRY GO ROUND….A BLOGGERS JOURNEY

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Sugarloaf Dream Update

Hi Dreamers I just wanted to pop in a let you know there are a few changes happening here at Sugarloaf Dream again. The main change is afte a lot of soul searching I have taken the plunge and decided to go self hosted. What? Let me tell you. Up until now I have been… Continue reading Sugarloaf Dream Update

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Now is your chance to win my give away!!!! As of today all of my original quotations are available for print on SmugMug. I'm a little excited about that...... All you have to do is 1. Click through to my blog, Sugarloaf Dreams  2.Sign up to become a Dreamer with your email address  This is where… Continue reading GIVE AWAY TIME……


Understanding SEO, Tailwind, Mailchimp and more.

OMG I think my brain is about to burst!!!! It's been gathering so much information over the past few weeks I don't think it can hold much more. As you have probably noticed I have changed the whole entire look of Sugarloaf Dreams plus I'm also changing the way I approach my writing. For the… Continue reading Understanding SEO, Tailwind, Mailchimp and more.