Life, The Beginning

Remember when ?

Remember when I said.....I'm his mum, I can fix it? Ummm, nope ! After a couple of good years with son number 1, I thought it was a change in tide and that gave me a hope that we were going to be ok. That's when the decision to have another bub. Don't get me… Continue reading Remember when ?

Life, The Beginning


You know when you see an elderly couple still holding hands, having a smooch and a cuddle, that warm and fuzzy you get? Β I always envisioned me having that !!!! That one person you've spent most of your life with, shared good times and bad, family, children, grand children........lifelong memories. Well if you've been paying… Continue reading Fairytales……

depression, The Beginning

Self inflicted demise

As mentioned in my last posts, when it came to men.......DDB (deaf, dumb and blind). More like dumb and dumber at times. I am a giver, a pleaser....what ever you want to call it. I also wanted to feel safe, cared for, wanted, desirable, needed and loved. Wait, isn't that what we all want? Yes… Continue reading Self inflicted demise

The Beginning

Give it all you’ve got.

' πŸŒ™β­οΈπŸ’›

The Beginning

Did I say deaf, dumb and blind??????

Ballerina is back on track with her health, but unfortunately no longer has the strength to dance. Why not try your hand at singing? Knock me over she was good at that too. Clever girl πŸ’œ My son, newly diagnosed with Aspergers on top of everything else gets himself an aide at school. Boy were… Continue reading Did I say deaf, dumb and blind??????

The Beginning

This isn’t about sympathy !

Justa little break in the tale to let you know that this is in no way a bid for sympathy. I need to go back before you can understand where I am now. Trust when I say, I'm in a good place now and it's all because of my past. πŸŒ™β­οΈπŸ’›

The Beginning

I can fix this !!!!!!!

Wow, what did I know? Not much it turned out. ADHD, for those that don't know can be the cruelest disorder, for both the sufferer and those around them. It is constantly second guessing everything you do and say with the child. The H stands for hyperactivity......and my boy had that in spades. And so… Continue reading I can fix this !!!!!!!

The Beginning

Beautiful beginnings

It's 1991 ...... I find myself the mother of a beautiful baby girl. Every mothers perfect baby. She slept when you thought she would (Yes, all night), she rarely cried and was just a sheer delight. I returned to work when she was just 6 weeks old, but she was in good hands with my… Continue reading Beautiful beginnings

The Beginning

I can do this!

Ok, it's now 1995, I have a 4 and 2 year old. I'm off to get a job...... I decided I needed to work with people......customer service was where I was headed. I was lucky enough to get the 1st job I applied for. Customer Service for Allworth Homes. A project home company. What did… Continue reading I can do this!

The Beginning

In the olden days …….

Let's back up to 1982. This is when I headed off to start my life as a professional dancer. I wasn't so keen at the time, oh don't get me wrong, I wanted to dance........I just didn't want to leave my boyfriend at the time. You need to remember I had just turned 17. Yep,… Continue reading In the olden days …….