Sugarloaf Dreams

What’s it all about?

Firstly the name. My site is named after Sugarloaf Rock, found at Cape Naturaliste in Western Australia……A very pretty place, if you ever get the chance to visit there please do.I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful part of the world on a road trip with my ‘bestie’ back in 2015. His love of the place and just how special was is what prompted the name. That’s her below….isn’t she pretty !OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You’ve probably noticed I have some interesting topics, well the way I see it there’s no point in them being boring lol. I cover life, warts and all. Back in 2013 I had a break up and a break down…..a total breakdown of mind, body and spirit. As all this was happening it probably won ‘t surprise you to hear I was diagnosed with depression….well I’m sure that was a no brainer but I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue on top….YAY ME !!!!!!!! So I write about it all in the most personal and honest way I can.

You’ll also notice an ADHD tab, that’s because one of my sons has ADHD, he was also a winner in the get lucky sweepstakes as he has Bi Polar and Aspergers Disorder on top……. So am I an expert or something? NO. Let me make it very clear from the get go, I am NOT a DR or have any medical expertise at all. What I am is a mum that knows more about her sons conditions first hand than I’d like too and I write from my own personal perspective for my illnesses too! What better way to say it like it is than to live it.

So Sugarloaf has become many things that I am so excited to introduce you to. We now Have Sugarloaf Photos and Sugarloaf Dreamer but more about those later.

Again this is a journey…..thanks for coming along.