The Top 12 Things Having Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me……

[ Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, May 12th, this is what having Fibromyalgia has taught me....... My top 12 lessons learnt 1. Giving birth is a picnic compared to a fibro pain day. 2. It's also worse than a toothache. 3. The brain fog that it brings has you believing at times that you're losing… Continue reading The Top 12 Things Having Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me……

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Stories to tell.

Well it's been an interesting week or two. Emotional highs and lows, some caring and I must say humbling moments. Pain off the charts and a temper to match......the temper I try so hard to keep under wraps and aimed at myself rather than anyone else, but it's there just bubbling under the surface a… Continue reading Stories to tell.

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Sink or Swim ???

Hi dreamers, As you know the 'thing' has been affecting everything I do since the beginning of November again. The first time round in 13/14 I had absolutely no idea what had happened to me. I was knocked off my feet without any idea. It took months before any answers came my way and I… Continue reading Sink or Swim ???

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But you look good !!!!!!! if I hear that again I may just choke someone! On the positive side it's good to know I haven't lost my skill of applying make up 😳 If only people could see me from the inside, they would have some understanding. I have been absent for a few days… Continue reading 😗😗😗😗

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It’s just a flare up 😳😳

It sounds so trivial. I've heard mention of it before, but this is my first real taste of what it feels like. HELL.......that's what it feels like. I feel like I've been transported back nearly 2 years. It's hard, frustrating and frightening. They can be triggered by an illness, over doing it, nothing or stress.… Continue reading It’s just a flare up 😳😳

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My week with my son has come to an end. I waved him off on the plane this morning. He was excited about this flying alone business again, thankfully. He was also looking forward to seeing his dog 😊 Just your typical 7 year old boy. He thanked me many times for his week.......sweet, but… Continue reading Empty…..

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Prior to my becoming single again......I experienced the most frightening time of my life to date. This strong, independent, bright, bubbly woman lost the plot!!!!! How could that happen to me? Well I've already told you that my choice of men wasn't the best. This breakup had been coming for years, I just didn't want… Continue reading Broken.


And so it goes……

Time for a new start. My beautiful ballerina is in the Performing Arts High School and her little bro is about to join her on vocals. Wow, using his talents will hopefully ease some of his troubles, right? Wrong ! Same problems, different location. I at this point in time had a new man in… Continue reading And so it goes……