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Why I follow The Mighty

For anyone that has or knows someone that has a mental illness or a chronic illness you should be following The Mighty. Why? Because they are a fantastic resource for so many of those 'silent' illnesses like my know the one that people say 'oh, I've never heard of that' or mental illnesses where… Continue reading Why I follow The Mighty


Maybe I’m special…….

Maybe I am, I'm not really sure, maybe I'm just different, unique......yep and special in a very special kinda way. Well we all are aren't we? Anyway as you have possibly noticed Sugarloaf Dreams has had a little face lift.......a new colour scheme, a touch of new branding and YES a brand new attitude!!!! As… Continue reading Maybe I’m special…….

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love and money…..

Two things that we all wish for, work for and as humans, Β we need to survive. Β Love and money however, do not always go hand in hand. If anything they can be poles apart when you are talking about relationships. As we grow we all have our own unique opinions on love and what we… Continue reading love and money…..

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Stories to tell.

Well it's been an interesting week or two. Emotional highs and lows, some caring and I must say humbling moments. Pain off the charts and a temper to match......the temper I try so hard to keep under wraps and aimed at myself rather than anyone else, but it's there just bubbling under the surface a… Continue reading Stories to tell.


Feminism personified……….

On the back of marches all around the world, the death of Mary Tyler Moore started me thinking today. For many of us she really did have it all. A great job, respected, an apartment, she was happily single and had the best friends in the world. She was the ultimate feminist. One with poise… Continue reading Feminism personified……….

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Sink or Swim ???

Hi dreamers, As you know the 'thing' has been affecting everything I do since the beginning of November again. The first time round in 13/14 I had absolutely no idea what had happened to me. I was knocked off my feet without any idea. It took months before any answers came my way and I… Continue reading Sink or Swim ???


For all of you……

A big Merry Christmas to all that serve. Our women and men in the military, at home and stationed away. Β Thank you for the sacrifices you make for the freedom we have. Also to all the women and men in our police, paramedic and fire services. You make a difference everyday. Please know that what… Continue reading For all of you……

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F*^% this!!!!!!

I'm not high maintenance......but damn I'm hard work!!!!! Thank goodness I have a lot of supportive people around me. It seems like they've been having to hold me up for so long.....their collective strength is a lifeline. Anyone that has read my blog before knows that I put as positive a slant on things that… Continue reading F*^% this!!!!!!

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Bricks & Mortar

Everything crumbles Dirt Sand Bricks Mortar People Life......... Gather the crumbs Carefully Slowly Piece By Piece Crumb By Crumb Mix with Care Trust Wish Need Love Connect Engage Create Emerge Empower Breathe Feel Want Hope Smile Begin........ Again πŸŒ™β­οΈπŸ’•  


The Broken Road

The Broken Road When you lose someone you love They say things will get better You'll adjust and get use to it Yes you will adjust, because you have to Yes things will get better, over time But you will never get use to it It's the quiet moments that will get you The moments… Continue reading The Broken Road