Dream on Sugarloaf Dreamers anything is possible!



I know I've been unusually quiet since my return from my trip. Lots of different things running through my over packed brain. Some lingering pleasantly, some I'd like to re do over and over again and some I'm working at placing in one of those cupboards in my head.......but damn, sometimes it's hard to shut… Continue reading Trust…..


You snooze, you lose!!!!

As my tropical tan, the first tan in 20 years begins to fade, thank goodness the memories do not. Good times, new friends and the time spent with mum. My mum......the eternal worrier. She's already started to worry about my next's a lot of money, what if something goes wrong between now and… Continue reading You snooze, you lose!!!!


Lost at Sea……

Hi, it's been a while. Well I've been on this floating city for 6 days now. Way too much food available for a glutton like me 😩 But that's what holidays are all about. Right? Mum and I have met some wonderful people of all ages, race and culture. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories… Continue reading Lost at Sea……



I like...... The smell of rain and sunrises Coffee and champagne Family Babies and children's laughter Chocolate and cheese Monkeys and cows Fur kids Tulips and tulips Honesty and vulnerability Rainbows and sun showers Country drives and surprising destinations Friends Singing loudly and getting lost Slow kisses and long hugs Late night chats and morning… Continue reading Me…….


Thank you……

When I first dipped my toe into this blogging caper I didn't realise what it would mean to me. After all, it's just life. Nothing special. Granted, it's mostly my life and by putting it into words it has helped me to see it for what it, downs, love, loss and lots of love… Continue reading Thank you……



To say this past year has thrown a few curve balls would be an understatement. So many ups, downs, twists and turns. When I closed the door on the family home twelve months ago, it was not with sadness, but strength and determination to move on. I did. I have spent the past year not… Continue reading Moments….


I still believe in miracles



Top shelf !

We all have things we want in our life, but know we can't have everything. Like walking into a beautiful bar and raising your eyes to the top shelf....... Whether they be out of your budget or just temporarily out of reach. You know you shouldn't but........ Now some people with more restraint than I… Continue reading Top shelf !


Sunshine β˜€οΈ

Spring is here. Warm breezes, blazing sun, humid air...... Birds chirping, a cicadas cacophony, flowers budding, gentle rain...... Longer days, butterflies, cool drinks, smiles...... Out of the dark, damp gloom of winter, covered with clothes. Bodies revealed bit by bit..... Freckles, sand, long walks, quiet moments..... Reflections in the water...... What do you hope to… Continue reading Sunshine β˜€οΈ