Feminism personified……….

On the back of marches all around the world, the death of Mary Tyler Moore started me thinking today. For many of us she really did have it all. A great job, respected, an apartment, she was happily single and had the best friends in the world. She was the ultimate feminist. One with poise… Continue reading Feminism personified……….


Just one is too many.

This morning I woke to the news that a two year old had lost their life . The unthinkable part is that they had died due to the abhorrent actions of someone they knew, yet again. There was sadness and disbelief for the toddler and the family, however I also felt rage. How often do… Continue reading Just one is too many.


The Broken Road

The Broken Road When you lose someone you love They say things will get better You'll adjust and get use to it Yes you will adjust, because you have to Yes things will get better, over time But you will never get use to it It's the quiet moments that will get you The moments… Continue reading The Broken Road

Grief, Life

Grief, Loss and how to recognize it.

At some point in our lives we will all lose someone close to us, it's a reality. Grief affects everyone differently and certainly does not follow a road map. What someone feels is completely different to another and can be at different times also. There are 7 known stages of grieving but they do not… Continue reading Grief, Loss and how to recognize it.



To say this past year has thrown a few curve balls would be an understatement. So many ups, downs, twists and turns. When I closed the door on the family home twelve months ago, it was not with sadness, but strength and determination to move on. I did. I have spent the past year not… Continue reading Moments….


There’s a hole in the bucket……..

Europe....... I have never been, but like many in my position it is a bucket list item. For the millions that have been, many wish to return. If you listen to their tales of travel they speak with almost a romantic melancholy, in a way that increases your desire to go, explore and experience it… Continue reading There’s a hole in the bucket……..

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What’s happening????

I am a self confessed news junkie, but I find I am tuning out more and more. The days of a 'good news' story are very few and far between. There is so much violence and hate in the news these days, it's all over the world. Race riots, drive by shootings, domestic violence, school… Continue reading What’s happening????



Sitting here in the safe surroundings of my home all I can do is shake my head as I just don't understand. Here in Australia we don't have the right to bear arms......thankfully. I'm not saying we have no gun crime, we do and unfortunately it is on a slow increase. For us a large… Continue reading Why????


Hard to believe

A little insight.......... You need to understand, my dad had just been told he had untreatable cancer, that was going to take him from us sooner rather than later. He never felt sorry for himself, or even looked worried or scared. Was he? I really don't think so. He had always said when your time… Continue reading Hard to believe



This year has been a year of upheavals, fresh starts, happy travels and a very sad goodbye. Just before Christmas 2014 I decided it was time to move on. Time to sell the family home that had belonged to my grandparents. I never envisioned leaving, thought I would be there forever. This house now held… Continue reading Life