My like, love, loathe list There are so many things over my 51(cough,cough) years that I can add to these lists. Some, of course will be obvious others maybe not so much. I guess it's a great follow up to my previous post, writing a letter to myself. If you haven't seen it, you can… Continue reading MY LIKE, LOVE & LOATHE IT LIST



I was thinking today how so many people look for faults, flaws and problems with others instead of looking for the good and celebrating achievement. In Australia we call it tall poppy syndrome. Put quite simply it is bringing others down, dissing, being negative etc. My only question is.......why? We are all out there doing… Continue reading Appreciation


Sunshine ☀️

Spring is here. Warm breezes, blazing sun, humid air...... Birds chirping, a cicadas cacophony, flowers budding, gentle rain...... Longer days, butterflies, cool drinks, smiles...... Out of the dark, damp gloom of winter, covered with clothes. Bodies revealed bit by bit..... Freckles, sand, long walks, quiet moments..... Reflections in the water...... What do you hope to… Continue reading Sunshine ☀️

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WHY ??????

This morning this came across my Facebook feed and reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place . How often have you heard some one say..... I'll do that when the kids start school? When the kids leave school? When they move out? When I retire? One day? Or worse still,… Continue reading WHY ??????